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Pande Munashe


My name is Pande Munashe and I am from Zimbabwe, Cyber Security Specialist by profession, and a Chess Enthusiast. I am 30 years old and a Registered Cyber Security Specialist specializing in Computer Science. I am also a Lecturer in the field of Information Technology with the aim of empowering others with knowledge.

I started chess when I was 18, doing my form 4. I was always fascinated by how the chess pieces move, combinations, sacrifices and strategies involved in playing chess, and I have always wanted to implement the same in real life. A year later I won the School Open tournament, from there my chess journey began until now I have never stopped.

I love chess more than anything and every day I make sure I play at least 3 games.

I met coach Goran and the Smiling Pawn family in the year 2022 through my friend Katlego Carter Kay  and from there that’s when my chess development really improved I am so glad to be part of the Smiling Pawn Community. Keep up the good work Smiling Pawn I’m forever grateful. Thank you.