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About us

Dear chess friends

Smiling Pawn is an inclusion chess project with an aim to build a global community of chess players, educators, and aspiring content creators. The project was triggered by the eager acceptance of free online chess training sessions that attracted more than 150 participants during the first year only.

Today, as Smiling Pawn, it provides a unique package where chess game lessons are combined with an online skillset curriculum about various internet platforms, tools, and applications used for playing, studying, and content creation.

Your Chess World

The main goal of the Smiling Pawn journey is to offer various chess perspectives to chess enthusiasts and help them engage around chess with different personal roles and missions, and build their own unique perspectives.

For every one of us it is a great mystery where our first chess move will take us. Are we going to be champions, or become just average chess players? Are there other chess perspectives? We are here to discover and grasp our best chess future by not just winning in the game of chess but, more than anything, winning in the game of life.

One, two, three, ACTION!

Smiling Pawn Studio

Smiling Pawn content creation studio provides a modern production setup and it is made to be compact and replicable in other Smiling Pawn locations or when used by independent expert content creators.

Most of the applications used for Smiling Pawn content creations are free licensed.

Hi, I am Zuri

Woof woof Smiling Pawn people. My name is Zuri, I am a boy Bichone Frise, and I am probably the youngest in this group, because I was born in 2020.

My main role in Smiling Pawn project is to make coach Goran smile every day and get up from his chair at least three times per day for a long walk.

You will find me in many photos and videos usually watching Len play and cheering for him.


Smiling Pawn Info & Links

Use the links below in order to connect with all our social media resources.
You can also write to us at


Smiling Pawn is a place where people from all over the world can play and learn chess together and get to know each other. Here all of us are friends and we discover a magnificent chess world together. For me, it is also a great opportunity to create chess content.


This group does not just help me to build my love for chess but it also teaches me a lot of life lessons such as being kind, being respectful, and believing in yourself.



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