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Adam Bosak


Hello! My name is Adam Bosak, I live in Zagreb, Croatia,  and I was born in 2008. I train chess and judo since 2014th. I won 3 gold medals in judo. I also love playing video games,  math, computer science, and history. I’m a member of the chess club Travno.

I meet a lot of my friends because of chess. In the year 2021 my school chess team (Fran Rautner, Len Radić, Petar Bertić, Marko Golub, and me) under the leadership of Goran Radić won 1st place in our county and 3rd place in the National school chess championship in Croatia.

I’m very thankful to my chess coaches Goran Radić and  Maroje Portada for my success. Someday I would like to become a programmer and I hope chess will help me get there.