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Alan LayLay


It is such a privilege to be a part of this growing community wherein we share, promote, and enhance our talents about chess which bonds us wherever and whenever we are.

A pleasant day to everyone, I am Alan Jr A. Laylay, a grade 10 student from the Philippines who is one of the earliest members of Smiling Pawn. This particular community did not just help me to enhance my talent but also connect me with other individuals that were strangers in my life before but due to this became my friends.

Smiling Pawn as I remember starts a couple of years ago here online which only had a couple of members however as time passes the said organization grows drastically where many chess aspirants join here. This organization connects us whatever your background is, and you will be respected and guided in this particular community.

In addition to that, we make chess much more fun in this group wherein we cultivate each other potential and strengthen everyone’s weaknesses through the use of virtual interaction. Furthermore, the distance of your place is not a problem as long as you have an internet connection and a gadget, you can also join this group.

In conclusion, this group does not just help me build my love for chess but it also teaches me a lot of life lessons such as being kind, being respectful, and believing in yourself. Always remember chess is created not to play by a single person and due to that, you need someone that can mold you.

” A brilliant game cannot be played by a single person it is played by two brilliant minds”.