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Anish Neupane


Hello, my name is Anish Neupane. I am from Nepal. Born in 2002, I am currently pursuing MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) as my career.

Talking about my passion for chess, it started when I was first introduced to this beautiful game at age 11. While I was in school I used to win many tournaments. Although I don’t play OTB tournaments these days, I do play chess every day when I get any spare time.

It had been years since I basically quit playing chess until my good friend Goran instilled my love and enthusiasm for the game again via a number of training sessions during the early days of Smiling Pawn. I made many friends who were equally competitive and enthusiastic about the game. Len, Alan…., to name a few.

My best wishes are always there for you Goran. And I am sure that your project Smiling Pawn is going to help chess players around the World.