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Emmanuel Dut Majier Leek

South Sudan

I am Emmanuel Dut Majier Leek from South Sudan, from Jonglei state, Bor. I learned chess in 2012 in Bor before I flew to Uganda as a refugee of the war that broke out in 2013. After being registered as a full refugee in Uganda I again started to practice my chess in high school until 2018 when I joined Uganda Chess Federation and participated in the first national chess league in my chess career. This competition brought a lot of joy and confidence as I played with some strong titled chess players. It also prepared me well for other national competitions where I won a medal in Uganda Open 2019 as a runner-up to IM Segwanyi Arutha.

Today I am looking forward to qualifying and trying to represent my country In 2022 Chess Olympiad.

Through chess, I like to promote peace and unity, and my country South Sudan. Especially in this postwar period when my country needs healing and love in every possible aspect.