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Ivano Močić


My name is Ivano, and I was born in 2012, so probably one of the youngest members of Smiling Pawn. I started playing FIDE rated tournaments in 2021, and this game completely won over me, and I decided to give my very best in becoming a chess champion. In my short career, I managed to win 1st place and a gold medal at the Croatian National Championship for my age.

I am a passionate attacker, and my favorite chess player is no other than Mikhail Tal. My very intensive chess training consists of the 1-on-1 sessions with my coach IM Novak Pezelj, huge hours when I work and play alone, and, of course, the time I like to spend with this group on Smiling Pawn. Here I had the opportunity to play tournaments with some very strong players, join interactive training sessions and even get experience in coaching less experienced players in my favorite chess topic – the end games.

The best time with Smiling Pawn was when I could visit our studio and spend some time playing OTB with Len, and recording videos.