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Katlego Selebogo


My name is Katlego Selebogo and I am from Botswana, currently staying in Gaborone.

I am in my twenties and a qualified electrical and electronics engineer specializing in telecommunications. I am also a private educator as I am a firm believer in the importance of education.

I started chess when I was 16, during the time when I was doing my form 2 or grade 8. One day I was in a library and I unwittingly stumbled into a beginner’s chess handbook. It was my first time seeing the sport but I was so fascinated with it and it’s been 10+ years playing chess and I’m still fascinated by the mysteries that are still locked in the 64 squares.

I met coach Goran and the Smiling Pawn family in the year 2019 through my dear friend Blessings Motshabi and from there that’s when my chess development really improved, coach Goran would organize Zoom lessons with us so that he could share his chess knowledge with us and I even started his repertoires cause of the impact he had in my chess.

I achieved the title of Arena FIDE Master, won the Smiling Pawn championship, and was the 3rd Smiling Pawn Champion, and I’m also one of certified Smling Pawn coaches.

Keep up the good work Smiling Pawn I’m forever indebted. Thank you.