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Rahul Mukherjee


Hello, I am Rahul Mukherjee. I am from India. By profession I am an IT engineer and working as a software developer. I had many ambitions in my childhood and being a chess player was certainly not one of them. Although I had a chess set with which we friends used to play and I hardly remember if we followed any correct rules to play the game but it was fun.

Gradually that ‘Wrong’ Chess completely got erased from my life as I was growing up. Life was going well until a few years back someone told me real chess improves your math skills and decision-taking alternatives. That’s how the 2nd innings for Chess started in my life. This time with real rules and real charm. And in no time it got all my attention. With decent studies and playing over time, I have become a little fearless now to both on and off the board.

I am a moderate strength amateur Chess player, but always ready to appreciate the beauty of this amazing game. A quick confession, Chess does not improve your math skills directly. Play chess to become a good chess player and have a not boring life.

While we were all busy thinking our own ideas with chess and playing with anonymous strangers online during the pandemic, Smiling Pawn gave the chess lovers like us an international community. Now those strangers from all over the world had a face and voice as we meet online, share and exchange ideas, new learning, and lot of fun. Goran, as a host in general, takes the responsibility to lead and share new stories of Chess. His theory is simple, one can become a better chess player by sharing knowledge and training others. With a lot of tournaments, live matches, post analysis, and interesting studies Smiling Pawn help its members become stronger at chess and at the same time gives a lot of smiles and fun.